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$100,000 parking space for sale in Toronto

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The cost of a Toronto parking space has risen beyond the cost of an average car, according to a story in the Toronto Star this week.

Parking is scarce in the downtown area despite the growing residential demand – a trend that has sent the value of parking spots up.

The average parking space in downtown Toronto would cost about $35,000, the Toronto Star article said, quoting  figures from Urbanation. Prices can get as high as $60,000 at the Florian in Yorkville and $100,000 at the Four Seasons.

For perspective, the Four Seasons also offers a penthouse for $28 million. But the fact remains that parking is an increasingly valuable commodity in the city’s real estate market.

A glance at Craigslist in Toronto shows a wide range of parking spaces renting as high as $200 to $350 per month in downtown locations. Parking certainly can drive the demand and value of condo sales in the city, and the latest news is likely to reinforce that even more.

Toronto Star business reporter Tony Wong said it might drive condo owners away from wanting to have cars.

“Now that parking lot values have outstripped the costs of the average car, some consumers will likely wonder whether it makes sense to drive at all, even if the developer throws in a free car,” he wrote.

Toronto is far from the lofty parking costs of a city like New York City, however, where in 2007, spots were going for as high as $225,000, which was higher than even the median house price at the time.


  • Shawn C Tuesday, 30 October 2012 15:56 posted by Shawn C

    if a developer "threw in a car", it would be deducted from the purchase price by the lender. such incentives do not fly and just serve to inflate property value. your dad was right, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

  • Live Natural Tuesday, 11 September 2012 17:00 posted by Live Natural

    Wow thats ridiculous. The strange part is that the rental prices that people are getting from buying these spots and then renting them out is tiny.

    On a $50,000 spot, they are only getting $200 per month. That'll take more than 20 years to break even.

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