• Investing in Inverness, Cape Breton, N.S. by Rachel Naud

    When you see the picturesque beauty of Inverness in Cape Breton, with its stunning shorelines and vast views, it's hard to believe the area has such as shady past. Once a mining village, Inverness Village, located along the shoreline from Broad Cove to Chimney Corner, was devastated when the mines closed in the late 50s. Its Main Street was left with boarded-up businesses and abandoned buildings.

  • Scarborough: The GTA's hidden gem by Rachel Naud

    CRE dispels the myths about Scarborough and uncovers the investment potential of Toronto's diamond in the rough

  • Investing in recreational properties by Shane Buckingham

    Getting a recreational property with investment potential should be a given. Shane Buckingham explains

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