• Scott McGillivray: The ROI maker by Shane Buckingham

    HGTV's Scott McGillivray hasn't let stardom get in the way of his true passion: real estate investing. Shane Buckingham talks with the investor who has built up a portfolio of more than 20 properties and is now expanding his reach into the U.S.

  • Playing its own Toon by Editorial Team

    Saskatoon, the heart of the Canada's agricultural world, has a real estate heartbeat all its own.

  • Texas: the shining Lone Star by Editorial Team

    More than just businesses are seeking refuge in Texas. Savvy investors are too.

  • More insight into the 2011 market by Boris Bozic

    Here's a sample from our forecast article in this issue. In this piece, Boris Bozic, president and CEO of Merix Financial gives his take on the 2011 market, providing you with tips and other info to help you get ahead.

  • What you need to know about the 2011 market by Deen Bissessar

    Here's a sample from our forecast article in this issue. In this piece, Deen Bissessar, Broker of Record, CANREIG Realty Corp. helps you make sense of the coming 2011 market and gives you the tips you need to succeed.

  • Let's make a deal: Negotiating for success by Shane Buckingham

    A sound strategy that focuses on location, property selection and market timing is the foundation on which to build any thriving real estate career. But being a savvy negotiator is also a crucial aspect to any successful investor's approach. Shane Buckingham talks to REIN President Don Campbell to explain how you can negotiate your way to success

  • Hamilton heats up by Shane Buckingham

    Affordability, consistency and growth are just some of the terms that describe the Hamilton real estate market. While some cities have blocked investors out with over-valued homes and falling demand, Hamilton remains affordable and active, giving investors the opportunity to buy ahead of the next housing cycle. Shane Buckingham explains


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