• Landlords, look out! In search of the few, the good, the proud: screening for reliable tenants by Editorial Team

    The plan seems simple enough: rent out your property to someone else so they can pay the mortgage on it, and, in a few years, you'll own it free and clear. But there's a challenge: finding someone trustworthy who will pay the rent on time and who won't compromise the property's value through neglect or outright wanton negligence.

  • Time to get a deal: Airdrie poised to rebound by Shane Buckingham

    While home values have softened across the country, property prices have fallen in Airdrie, presenting investors with an excellent opportunity to purchase a property in a prime location at a discount. Shane Buckingham explains

  • Phoenix rising by Sean Deasy

    The sun-drenched states of Texas, California and Florida are perennially hot investments, but nowhere is real estate hotter than in the Arizona desert, and in Phoenix, in particular. Sean Deasy explores the city that generates the best kind of heat

  • Your road map to property riches: A beginner's guide to making money in real estate by Shane Buckingham

    Ever fantasize about walking away from your day job and investing your way to an early retirement? Well, it's time to stop dreaming. Financial success in real estate investment may be closer - and easier - than you think. In the first in a series, Investment 101, Shane Buckingham talks to REIN President Don Campbell to get you started on your way (And for all you veterans, a little tune up never hurts.)

  • Richly rewarded: Getting premium price for premium property by Shane Buckingham

    Every seller wants top dollar for their premium property, but not everyone gets it. Those who don't may not be aware of what it truly takes - even when they're oh so close. A slight strategy tweak here and a couple of thousand dollars there just might close the deal. Shane Buckingham explores how to ensure the best return when selling a premium property

  • Oh, Carolinas! by Sean Deasy

    With its relatively temperate climate, some come here to escape the Florida heat; others come here for world-class golf courses; others still for uncrowded ocean beaches. As a Canadian investor, whether you're letting any or all of these factors impact on the location of a vacation home - or cash-flow properties that may one day parlay into it - the Carolinas are indeed worth a look, writes Sean Deasy

  • You better Belize it! by Rachel Naud

    Timing international investment opportunities is a tricky business. You want to catch a destination that is on the way to becoming hot, but you want to get in when the prices are still low. Rachel Naud recently visited Belize to see what this Caribbean paradise can offer.


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