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HGTV landscaper: Build ROI through curb appeal

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In this episode of Investor Insight, landscape designer and contractor Jeff Sarty -- from HGTV`s Decked Out -- says you can protect ROI and build equity by rolling up your sleeves and making cheap curb appeal improvements.


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Video transcript below:

INVESTOR INSIGHT: With Jeff Sarty, Contractor, Deck Wars

Jeff Sarty: Okay, so if you want to add some value to your house as well as some curb appeal, it’s really just sticking to the basics and keeping the cost low. You don’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on your front yard, your back yard, if you are going to be selling the house. Really it just can be cleaning up what’s already there.

If you have some gardens that aren’t looking the nicest, you want to give them a nice fresh clean edge, top them up with some fresh mulch, clean out the garden, basically take out whatever is dead, put in whatsoever is going to look nice, get in with the season, get some nice bright colours in there as well.

As well if you have any interlock or some lockways patios and the interlock isn’t looking that nice, it’s sunk in or there are some weeds, get in there, get some elbow grease going and pull all those weeds out, give it a fresh topping of sand and even a sealer, that’s a really nice way to get that instant new look, back into your kind of not so nice looking patio.

You can always go into the bigger things. You can always get a really nice labra deck or build a really nice patio and you will always see return on your investment in that, but it’s really just sticking to those basic things that will give you that instant impact at a very low cost.

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  • Tom Napiontek Thursday, 23 August 2012 01:24 posted by Tom Napiontek

    A lot of people focus so much on the interior of a home, they forget just how much should be focused on getting the right people in the front door...and that happens with curb appeal. A good rule of thumb is to make sure a tenant can see how good the inside is by looking at the outside, and then make sure the inside is a match. It doesn't cost that much to make a big difference and it will come back around to you in returns.

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