Laura Scarlett Martin

Laura Scarlett Martin

Laura Scarlett Martin

Laura Scarlett Martin is an established thought leader and mortgage industry veteran, having won multiple awards for her vision and leadership at Matrix Mortgage Global, where she has been the C.O.O. for 15 years.

She has made an indelible mark on the Canadian real estate scene by disrupting the industry and demanding change in transparency, leadership opportunities, and education. She is the co-host of the Brokers Playbook Podcasts and creates dynamic written and video content on topics ranging from creating intergenerational wealth through real estate to positive psychology, equity in the workplace, fintech, and more.

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Published Articles by Laura Scarlett Martin

How boomers are driving the millennial buying frenzy

Parental assistance with living-inheritances is the No. 1 factor pushing up the prices in Canada’s largest urban markets. The gift of a down payment from boomer parents enables them to enter markets.

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