Neil Sharma

Neil Sharma

Neil Sharma is a journalist at Canadian Real Estate Wealth Canada.



  • Expo takes progressive approach to investing

    Last year's inaugural Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo was such a hit with attendees that this year's event intends to tackle some of the social issues plaguing British Columbia, all the while maintaining its focus on how to build wealt ...

  • Keeping ROIs high and taxes low

    Marc Dupuis has a firm grasp of real estate investment—so much, in fact, that Simple Acquisitions, the company he founded with his girlfriend, creatively brings together accredited investors

  • Here's how to maximize a showing's potential

    Arguably the most integral facet of selling a home is showing it to interested buyers, but not everybody realizes how much attention to detail is actually required

  • Toronto transit woeful by international standards

    Toronto has ascended to the acme of global cities, but it appears its expeditious rise vastly outpaced infrastructure development—the ramifications of which will soon be felt

  • Home inspections can help increase profit margins

    Home inspections are crucial in any housing transaction, but for an investment property they can go a long way towards determining how lucrative the returns are

  • Suburbs becoming attractive again

    Suburban allure has largely become a thing of the past, but in the Greater Toronto Area—where the cost of housing grows astronomically by the month—the outskirts are becoming cost-friendly alternatives for renters

  • Agent slams B.C. Green Party proposal

    REMAX sales agent Ron Antalek says the recent provincial Green Party proposal to ban foreign buyers from purchasing real estate in B.C. will have more ramifications than the party realizes

  • Thinking of becoming a landlord? Here's what you need to know

    Being a landlord isn't without its challenges, but covering one's bases in the following ways is bound to yield quality tenants and rents

  • This housing segment appreciated fastest in 2017

    Dubbed the 'Year of the Condo,' owning a piece of real estate in the sky proved the smartest bet last year, according to a new report released this morning.

  • Micro-suites should be no small consideration in 2018

    Affordability and new mortgage rules may not only result in an exodus from Vancouver into its surrounding municipalities this year, they could drive people into smaller abodes

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