Hassle free investing, and living at Oak Bay

by CRE on 25 May 2016
Developing real estate of any magnitude is often an exercise in time and patience. The approvals, the permits, the planning; even the most patient investor can feel frustration.

The appeal of an investment in Oak Bay is the added benefit of hassle-free living in the beautiful surroundings of Georgian Bay.

Oak Bay is a unique opportunity for investors to join a great project already on its way to the finish line. This 332-acre development in the heart of Georgian Bay already has significant momentum from which a potential purchaser will be able to reap the benefit.

A development the size of Oak Bay requires significant planning, permits, approvals and buy-in from the surrounding community. These steps can take months, if not years, to fall into place which can create uncertainty and increased risk. At Oak Bay, as many of these steps have already been checked off, these risks are significantly reduced.  It should also accelerate the time to completion. Oak Bay is already part of the Georgian Bay master plan and most of the zoning, approvals, and permits have been issued.

Significant ground work has been laid to ensure the speedy completion of the project once investors have been secured. This includes pre-dredging the marina (a process that can often get caught up in environmental approvals), the construction of the club house, and substantial progress on site servicing (water, sewer, etc.).

In a development of this size, an investor might typically be forced to wait years to begin seeing any return on their capital. However, at Oak Bay an investor may see revenue from day one as 104 housing units are already constructed providing the community with a strong foundation upon which to build. The fabulous Oak Bay Golf & Country Club is already operational, with a brand new club house slated for completion in May 2016. This means that as construction continues, recurring revenue will help fund operations.

Future plans include approval for more than 385 housing units with a mix of freehold, townhomes and villas. Residents can also anticipate having access to an exclusive marina providing easy access to the water and the kind of leisurely, and renowned natural lifestyle in Georgian Bay.

The hassle-free nature of the investment at Oak Bay perfectly reflects the feel of its surroundings. Georgian Bay is an oasis of tranquil natural beauty and a lifestyle to match. Whether you enjoy golf, sailing, fishing or simply taking in the quiet surroundings with a glass of wine, Oak Bay is the quintessential Canadian community, only 90 minutes from downtown Toronto.

If the prospect of living a community where you can head out for a quick sail after enjoying a round of golf and still be home in time for dinner sounds appealing—imagine how great investing in one would be. 

Want to learn more about the investment opportunities at Oak Bay? Visit investingeorgianbay.com.


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