Spruce up exterior to attract long-term renters

You’ve got a house on your hands that isn’t quite a diamond in the rough. It’s got a modern-ish kitchen, some hardwood. In short, it’s nothing special. What can you do to attract long-term renters?

Jazzing up the exterior of the home will attract renters looking for a place to call home – before they even set foot inside the house. And many of the fixes outside the home won’t cost nearly as much as those inside. Here are a handful of easy renos that can enhance a property.

1.    Doors
Doors are one of the first things a person notices about a house. Changing the front door can change the entire look of the home. Add a door with more windows for a light and airy look, or try a steel door for better security. Plus, lots of doors are customizable, making it easy to set your property apart from other rentals on the block.

2.    Gates and Fences
Just as there are several different types of doors, there are a slew of different styled fences and gates that your clients can choose from. And like doors, these fences can be used to compliment the style of the home. A quaint property might benefit from a traditional picket fence, while a large stone house might be completed with a wrought iron gate.

3.    Front Yard
You don’t need us to tell you how important curb appeal is to a home. Simple landscaping can go a long way. Lay new sod, if necessary, or add colourful plants to a flowerbed. Ensure the front of the property is well-groomed: the lawn is mowed, the weeds are pulled, the plants are watered and the walkway or porch is clean. Potential renters should feel proud of the house they can call home.

4.    Back Yard
Canada’s wonderful summers make outdoor living spaces almost mandatory. There are several ways you can play up the house’s backyard space. Again, ensure the lawn and flower beds are well-groomed. If the property has a pool, clean it of any debris before showings. Show potential renters what their summers can be like if they’re lucky enough to live in this house.

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