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Sunil Tulsiani: On the road to making 100 real estate millionaires

by Contributor on 01 Feb 2018

When people talk about lifelong goals, there’s no doubt that some of the dreams people have might sound a bit far-fetched. There are people who only wish themselves to live a long happy life with their family, people that fall somewhere in between, and people like Sunil Tulsiani who dream big- not only for himself but for others as well.

Sunil Tulsiani is the founder of the Private Investment Club. One of his main goals is to establish his company and help different people reach the level of success that he has currently.

The Idea
To help create 100 millionaires, specializing in the field of Real Estate, that is Tulsiani’s goal. To some, this goal might seem a bit much. After all, not many people would even have the courage to say or aspire to do such things. However, Tulsiani is already on his way to making it happen.

Tulsiani aspires to be many things, he has been called  “... “the Tony Robbins of the Real Estate world” and help businesses build their brand or credibility to monetize. In business, it all comes down to what you want to achieve by giving what others wants.   Tulsiani  wants to leave his own personal imprint on the world by making a difference that no one else has.

Most business ventures start out as dreams, people desire to achieve something. They want to build their business from the ground up, create something that will improve the lives of others, etc. It’s all about knowing what they want and investing at the right time and taking risks when the opportunity comes knocking.

Rocky Start
Not everyone starts out equally, at least, not in the world of real estate, coaching, speaking and authoring world. After all, the United States has a president that had founded his own company after having received a ‘million-dollar loan’ from his father. There are not many who can boast to have been privileged enough to do the same.

Tulsiani had spent 15 years working as a police officer and negotiator in the Ontario Provincial Police Department. He gave up his job as the Platoon Commander to be with his wife and 2 children…which forced him to find ways to become financially free. That is how he ended up starting the largest elite real estate club called Private Investment Club (PIC.)

What works and what doesn’t
Being able to balance the stress of having a family, as well as keeping a stable 8-5 job, is something that not many are able to do. Even Tulsiani had difficulties juggling his responsibilities as a father to his wife and kids along with his job as a police officer. In the end, he had been forced to quit his job, but he had been happier for it.

In order to run a successful business, one needs not only the courage but also the ability to know when something is not working. Being able to take risks is important, and for Tulsiani that risk had been leaving his steady long-term job behind so that he could have more time to spend with his family and make a name for himself.

Private Investment Club (PIC)
The PIC was founded to help people muddle their way through the condensed real-estate market and use this vehicle to bring wealth into their lives. At this moment in time, the club has over 500 active members- all of whom pay to join the exclusive private club. The PIC is currently based in Canada, and had been established in the year 2005. At this moment in time, the club is the biggest elite real-estate private investment club in the country.

Strict Exclusivity
The membership system of the PIC is strict, and exclusivity is a big deal. The club does not accept just anybody. One would have to go through the application process, and at the writing of this article, the Membership Application option on the PIC website was closed. However, the website did offer a way of getting into their waitlist- wherein one can sign up to be contacted- should a spot was to open up later on.

Tulsiani plans to build a “movement” of people. He wants to “...bring people together, add value to people, grow them, make great friends and spend time with ‘like-minded’ individuals.” And, of course help 100 people become millionaires. That is his main goal with the PIC, and keeping the PIC exclusive is a big part of making sure that this comes true. If he were to just take anyone and everyone, then not only will that discredit his own beliefs, it will also put a detriment towards the foundations that the PIC was founded upon.

Still, a lot of people would probably balk at the idea- wondering why Tulsiani does not take advantage of the people interested in what he was offering. Well, in the end, his goal remains the same. He wants to empower people to feel “great and successful” as well as “help them to become wealthy.” At this point in time, he has helped 13 different people become millionaires and has helped 100s of people start on their dream of becoming financially free. For Tulsiani, his top achievement is the fact that he has been able to “...… and help others build their own  real estate, speaking, coaching and authoring business” that generates monthly positive cash flow.

So, is mentoring 100 individuals to become millionaires a big dream? Absolutely! However, when a group of like-minded professionals come together and help each other, there’s nothing they can’t achieve. This is what Sunil Tulsiani strives to accomplish, as he personally mentors and leads the way to the prized seven figures mark.

Tulsiani will be sharing more tricks of the trade at the Investor Forum on April 7.

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