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Advice on how to sell properties in a soft market

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Deb-NS | 19 Nov 2015, 08:47 PM Agree 0
Hi everyone,
We've owned four duplexes in Nova Scotia for a little over five years. We were going to buy the units and them move out there to take care of them ourselves. Well, long story short: I got a disease like MS so I can't move, and then both of my husband's parents died (who lived in NS), and so now we have no plans on moving out there. Worse yet, we're so far away and we can't find a suitable manager. The market is down and we can't sell the units. We've tried regular MLS listings for less than where we bought the units, but we need to be put in touch with someone that will help us put together a deal to get out of the units in some other creative way. We live across the country, and I'm truly afraid the stress will end up doing me in. We have very good credit and really good jobs, which means we can't go through other avenues like bankruptcy/foreclosure to extricate ourselves. We would even be willing to pay someone for a few years to help sweeten the deal of someone taking over our units. We really have nowhere to turn and we don't want to lose our future on a bad investment. We're willing to listen to all ideas, or if there are any resources we should be looking into, we would love to know more.
Thank you everyone in advance for your help.
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