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Brexit could garner investor interest in other Canadian housing markets - analyst

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Ephraim Vecina | 29 Jun 2016, 08:15 AM Agree 0
U.K.’s historic "leave" vote represents an untapped reservoir of potential for the Canadian real estate sector, argues an analyst
  • Eaicsmith | 29 Jun 2016, 12:06 PM Agree 0
    As a Canadian property owner living in UK and working all across Europe , and l am an economist let me correct this uninformed set of views.Europe needs the UK buying power at this moment 100 billion dollars net purchases from Europe , The EU would not chance a tariff war as they are the loosers .

    Immigration controls will be point based as in Canada who has vast land area and small immigration numbers thus logically a sensible policy for Canada and the UK even with bigger immigration .l note Canada's trade deal with EU does not allow free movement of people to Canada nor should into the UK . Plus we can now allow entry to UK on points for all including Canadians not just EU residents.

    Additionally the UK has lengthy relationships with the commonwealth why put the EU ahead of our commonwealth friends

    Then there are new relationships with Asia that should be pursued as that is where there is growth more so and especially when the EU is a very wasteful entity,a huge additional administration , paid for by only a few countries of which UK is one

    I have seen first hand the waste and the endless feeding trough for the administrators.

    So this story goes on. The UK is still the greatest financial centre with huge capability and capacity . It will not loose that strength

    Everything now being said by the EU is simply covering current in built weaknesses. The UK is still one of the biggest inveztors in the EU , they will not wish to loose that money as individual EU property markats are desperate for that ongoing investment .

    The UK banking system is the strongest in Europe , the EU banks are still in very weak condition. Italian banks are very close to.needing massive bailouts.circa 500 billion dollars.

    At the moment the EU is upset as all their problems are now more visable.

    However Canadian property is still not on the investment radar in the UK in any sense in the current foreseable future.
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