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Demographic Investing: Tapping into the Baby Boomer Retirement Wave

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TheWealthCoaches | AssetPro | 11 Nov 2014, 04:06 PM Agree 0
In the next few, years 80+ million North American Baby Boomers will retire; they will seek warmer, more affordable, southern climates with comparable standards of living to enjoy their golden years. So why are so many flocking to Costa Rica?

It's all about Location, Location, Location!
Where will 20% of this bubble move to?


- One of the world's 5 rare BLUE ZONES.
- Home to 300 of the Fortune 500 companies.
- The safest country on the continent, with the lowest crime rate and a disbanded, unused army.
- One of the few nations providing FREE healthcare and education for residents and citizens.
- Affordable at 1/3 the average cost of living in America.
- A veritable EDEN with only 0.03% of the earth's land-mass but 6% of the earth's biodiversity.
- A $45 billion economy, exporting 4,763 products to 153 countries, and untill recently, INTEL Pentium chips..
- Highly educated per capita, boasting a 95%+ literacy rate; with many universities specializing in software engineering.
- Comparable to Hawaii for the tropical paradise lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of current Hawaiian real estate prices.

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