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House Harmony Trading Platform - A Website That Creates Deals

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JoelSherlock | 12 Jul 2016, 08:39 AM Agree 0
As a broker and investor we have been working with property trading for 6+ years. For example trading an unit that has a 5 cap for something higher, a small unit for a larger one. Essentially creating the simple and effective "you buy mine, I buy yours" scenario.

We often talked about if we could scale the system from the old pen and paper solution we used to use it would become much more effective. is exactly that. A platform that will allow agents (home owners/investors options coming soon) to input details on a clients home (Have) and details on what they are looking to purchase next (Want)

The system then matches buyers who have what the other wants and wants what the other has. Bringing buyers and sellers together in perfect Harmony.



We are actively seeking tech savvy agents in select markets to join our Beta launch, the investor options will be online soon. This will allow landlords to join and create a profile for a property you own and match it to your next acquisition be it a 2 door unit trading to a 6 unit multifamily. Maybe its your recently finished rehab project and you would like to sell it to someone who has a property in need of rehab, thus getting you a sale and your next project in one swoop.

Please post your questions or share any feedback below! We are excited to be bringing this system to this community.


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