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Is now the time to sell?

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Canadian Realestate Magazine | 03 Apr 2017, 08:33 AM Agree 0
Timing a market is difficult, but when done correctly can make investors a windfall of capital gains. Some say the time is nearly nigh to sell in this red hot market
  • Paul Solomons | 17 Apr 2017, 04:16 PM Agree 0
    In summation ALL of the data being fed to the public is suspect and if there are 100,000 vacant units someone needs to identify the owners. If offshore or illegal let CRA deal with them in there own inimitable way, no doubt they would be available for sale in the not too distant future. That would affect this market!
  • Jeremy | 05 May 2017, 05:01 PM Agree 0


    1. Drivers - $1,000
    2. Advertising agents - $1,700
    3. Real estate experts/brokers - $2,100
    4. Marketing manager - $2,400
    5. Public relations agent - $2,300
    6. Staff accountants - $2,700
    7. Receptionists - $1,500. e.t.c.
    There are other vacant positions so interested people can apply via the company's
    application email on Application entries are now
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