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Previous buyers changed minds again, want resold property?

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Ander | 01 Dec 2015, 11:20 PM Agree 0
This is rather complicated, so I hope you can follow me.

I just bought a new condo in Vancouver. Someone else had put down a deposit on the unit before it was built; but when it was finished and the developer contacted them to close the deal, they said they'd changed their minds and didn't want it. So the seller agreed to sell me the unit and accepted my deposit.

Now the first buyers are back, saying they want the unit after all. The seller doesn't have anything signed by them verifying that they'd backed out of their deal. (Since they wouldn't be getting their deposit back, they weren't interested in further contact with the seller at that point.)

The seller tells me that if I cancel my purchase, they'll sell me another unit, with a better view, for the same price. They received a deposit on that one, too—but they say they're putting it back on the market because they've been "unable to contact" that buyer.

Where does this leave me? Is the seller required to wait a certain period of time, and/or make a certain number of attempts to contact the 2nd unit's buyer, before they're permitted to resell the 2nd unit? What if the 2nd buyer appears after I've signed my purchase agreement? Won't their agreement supercede mine?

I'm waiting for legal advice—but meanwhile, anything you can tell me, based on your experience or knowledge, will really help. Thanks!
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