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Real Investors

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chriszaiger | 20 Jan 2014, 10:29 AM Agree 0
We am looking for real investors interesed in Florida. We are a small Real Estate firm in Panama City Florida our Broker has over 30 years of experience. We have four different offerings each would be profitable each vary in cost. A wild life park, gym/spa, home flip and rental program.

The first one is over 60 million investment it is an wild life park . We would need to know what rate of return the investor needs. He would own 51% of the company but the running of the animals would have to be kept in the experts control. The wild life expert wishes to meet with any and all interested investors.

The second is gym spa 1 million dollar investment with projected profits of 5 million annually once fully operational 3 years to be at full capacity 1 year to open for business. This project would need 1 million from an investor the rest would be borrowed from the bank under the SBA (small business administration) mortgage. We would offer up to 49% interest of business until the million is paid back with interest at 15% annual interest rate on the 1 million. Owner ship would fall to 35% after the initial million is paid back with a ten year back of the 35%. The gym-spa would take 3 years to be at capacity but doors open to business within a year.

The other programs do not have a business plan. With the home flip and rental programs We find properties to match the funding. The reason for this is because of the housing market here in our area. Already existing homes here are selling. An investor can start with investment 100,000 and go as high as they wish. Once I know how much the investor wishes to invest and if they want want to flip or rent I will present the investor with several options of varied properties along with our profession assessment of the potential of the properties.
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