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The new way to find a real estate agent

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Bidformylisting Ca | 04 Nov 2015, 04:46 PM Agree 0
What do you do when you want to sell your home or just test the water to see what you could sell your house for? You hire a real estate agent right? Typical it's someone you know or an acquaintance because you feel obligated or even more common, someone you don’t even know. If all goes well you shell out 5% to put up a couple ads on the Internet and for them to stand at the front door handing out business cards during an open house. A complete success if they sell it, right? Now I shouldn't make a generalization not all agents are like this, but I'm not the only one who has had some negative experiences and thought that I didn't really get what I paid for with my 5%. Oh that 5% by the way was a percentage of the largest investment that I have ever made.

Today the game has changed with The new site has allowed everyday people to use technology to negotiate with real estate agents. When real estate agents from your home town bid for your listing you know you will have your house listed for the best price and you can watch those real estate fees drop as agents compete for your business. The best part, it's completely free, which makes it a no brainer.

It's always tough to tell if an agent really has your best interest in mind too. We all know that real estate agents work on 100% commission. Bidformylisting takes care of that aspect too. Before you make the commitment to use an agent you can see full reviews for that agent from real people who have used them in the past and you can check out their complete profiles in a social network.

It's not all about the sellers though. With agents will have the ability to expand well past their own networks and look to the Internet to gain more business. There's a hierarchy out there and some agents who work really hard for their clients may not be as well known. It's 2015, why wouldn't agents turn to the Internet to get leads? Why shouldn't there be a pool of leads for real estate agents (100% FREE by the way) with people just waiting to sell their homes.

With technology making advancements on a daily basis it's about time the real estate industry caught up. Bidformylisting is making it easier for the everyday person to sell their home and is the new way to find a real estate agent.
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