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easyrealty | 11 Aug 2014, 05:23 AM Agree 0
Yes students, the sudden release of Real Estate Agent Robots, way back in 2015, or Realbots as we now call them now, collapsed the old 20 century “brick and mortar” Realtor© brand neighborhood real estate offices, real estate boards and associations, just as Netflix killed Blockbuster Video back in the day.

The sudden release and appearance of the first Realbots heralded a quick death for the previously dominant hundred year old MLS Realtor© Brand resale home selling business.

Sellers were asking, “Why pay an average $40,000 Realtor© fee for a sale and purchase of a home, when a faster, smarter and FREE Realbot can do the job for you?” Why indeed?

New home developers were not affected by the collapse of the MLS, as they generally were not part of the MLS business model and had no high cost single purpose office or heavy handed MLS Bureaucracy to support.

In fact, the curious thing was, that as the MLS collapsed, home sales boomed to new levels as it soon became apparent that Realbots increased everyone’s net profits on home sales by lowering prices for buyers, while keeping seller’s net profits high.

Home buyers credit scores increased and so did home sales.

It was simple math that any Home seller could understand. Realbots gave buyers the choice of saving an average of 3 years of mortgage payments or having a $40,000 larger down payment.

Another citizen bonus from the triumph of Realbots over Realtors©, was the new availability of prime neighborhood and city commercial property.

The old MLS neighborhood, regional boards and associations cash flow, being wholly dependent on high fees from poor hard working Realtors©, collapsed, and the selling, lease breaking and abandoning of these premises freed up prime locations at low prices across the land.

A curious subtext to all of this, is that Real Estate Boards were nonprofit and supposedly owned by the Realtor© membership. Yes, proceeds from the sale of buildings should have gone to the few Realtor© members left standing.

However students, here we are, 15 years later, and court appointed accountants are still trying to find the money, which many suspect was taken by senior members of the Real Estate Board's Ethics committees.

Now let's wrap up our history lesson, as class is almost over and because most of you know the ending of this lesson.

Smart and knowable X-Realtors© became free agents and finally started to make the money the old MLS system kept promising them but rarely delivered.

They becoming super successful in the booming residential and commercial property and rental management field.

“What about State and Provincial Real Estate Councils?” some may ask.

The answer is that they are doing terrific. They now have more happy and prosperous agents than ever before who are buying more licenses, taking more Property and Rental Management courses, and staying in the business and not dropping out.
This because most State and Provincial Real Estate Councils were smart and could see ahead and moved their licensing business over to the Property Management side of Real Estate years ago.

“Whoops. There’s the bell. Class over; Oh, who made and released the first Realbot you ask?

I think his name was Robert something. Not sure, as it was so many years ago now.”[b][/b]
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