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This Can Help You Impress Your MVP Clients

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heyscrubbi | 02 Jun 2014, 02:50 PM Agree 0
Need to sell a home fast? Want to impress your MVP clients? A house cleaning can help you in these cases and more.

Need more convincing? Below is an excerpt and link for [b]6 Reasons Why A Realtor Should Hire A House Cleaning Service[/b].

[b]Clients Are Lazy / Have No Time[/b]
It makes sense that clients would tidy up and give their homes a good clean if they want it sold right? Well, sometimes a client’s desire and motivation be miles apart – so while they want you to sell their place, they can’t or won’t do the little extra things to help get it done.

It could be that they’re extremely busy people who have no time or it could be that they just don’t like cleaning; either way the house needs to be cleaned if you want it sold as soon as possible and for the highest price.

[b]Clients Have A Different Definition of ‘Clean’[/b]
As we both know, some clients have a very different idea of what clean is compared to, say, the rest of the human race. Some people think cleaning means moving the pizza boxes from the counter into a pile in the corner of the room. At that point, the only potential buyer who will even be remotely interested in the home is someone who is just as messy – eliminating about 99.5% of the population.

[b]The Photographer Ain’t Cleanin’ Up[/b]
If you’re sending a photographer to a client’s home and there’s still Burger King wrappers on the kitchen table, just know that there’s a greater than 60% chance that he or she is not going to clean up that mess before taking photos. Obviously you would hope that they make the extra effort to tidy up a little bit before shooting but if the home is an absolute mess you can forget about them cleaning at all. To be honest, it’s not really part of their job. They’ll do their best but don’t be surprised to see pictures that come back with streaky laminate floors and dirty windows.

[b]It Makes A Great Housewarming Gift[/b]
Sure you can give a bottle of wine like all the 2000 other realtors do or, you can give something that they may find more useful like a gift certificate for a future house cleaning. If your clients are busy professionals or are a big family of six, this will really endear yourself to them. You’ll find that a few of your clients will be telling their friends about the house cleaning gift they got from their ‘amazing real estate agent’.

A couple of our realtor customers have mentioned to us that some of their clients were “very pleasantly surprised” when they got their house cleaning gift certificates. One of their customers was just expecting a bouquet of flowers but thought that the house cleaning was “outside the box and much more practical”.

[b]You Can’t Always Be 100% Honest[/b]
Have you ever come across high level executives who have homes that look immaculate on the outside but look disastrous on the inside? Now if you’re selling that person’s home, can you imagine telling them that their place needs a MAJOR cleaning? I didn’t think so.

What to do instead? Here’s what one of our realtor customers did in this same situation. He told his customer, “As a valued client of mine, I’m going to give you a free house cleaning on me.” It actually took two full day visits(!) from our cleaner just to get the place in semi decent shape but in the end the place sold really quick, sold above their asking price, and the client was extremely happy. He took a potentially sensitive situation and instead made himself look like a hero.

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