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Vancouver real estate and war in Syria

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PatrickGunville | 03 Sep 2013, 04:26 PM Agree 0
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What will happen to the Vancouver real estate market if China declares war on US over the conflict in Syria? We can expect a total paradigm shift in the economics of the Chinese economy if they allied with Russia against the US in defense of Syria. The reality of the situation is that China and Russia have been in a currency war with the US for decades. They understand their military might not yet be enough in flat out battle, but they understand economics and the US debt-based financial system. They understand they can win the battle with their mind, not bruce force. War is primarily a financial war. Like how our legal system is a battle of money. In our current societal structure, money has become our means of defense and protection. China and Russia are using this rare opportunity to acquire as much gold as ever before in recorded history, while the US continues to sell all the gold in its vaults, at bargain low basement prices! The US continues to print trillions of dollars to fund its military, further debasing the value of its currency. In times of war, "good as gold" never rung truer. Nobody can trust paper currency in times of crisis--this happened in the Vietnam war, no merchants would accept anything but gold! Bonds will collapse, pushing up interest rates, crashing the stock market and real estate market. China and Russia know this. But they have all the gold, and anybody around the world who understands this can protect themselves by investing in gold and silver coins and bullion. For those of us here in Canada, our economy is especially dependent on the Chinese economy, this war with the US will have a significant impact on the Canadian economy, especially major cities, like Vancouver and Toronto. It has already been proven that the China GDP growth drives Vancouver real estate prices. Therefore it is recommended that if you live in one of these areas, you sell your real estate at peak prices, and then simply buy back in after the market tanks and you have an abundance of cheap inventory to select from!
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