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Why government will not save Vancouver real estate

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PatrickGunville | 11 Sep 2013, 12:06 AM Agree 0
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Who is keeping tabs on the guys in government making all the key decisions? Who is watching the watchers? It has all become Someone Else's Problem. No longer do we pay attention to who is actually watching and making sure our banks and financial system is functioning properly. We expect that some else has it covered.

Except the problem is that if everybody is thinking that then no one is actually doing the covering and keeping tabs on what is going on! Positions of power, especially in the financial realm, attract the most sociopathic beings, so detached from emotion and empathy, they are able to trade human life for selfish gain. It's been proven throughout history. In fact every empire that has ever existed since the beginning of time has gone corrupt and fallen. And every single time it is because the nation turned from a production based economy, into a consumption based economy, funded by warfare and the conquering and colonization of new land. It is a completely unsustainable path, always leading to the fall of an empire, and a new age. And yet, it continues to repeat throughout history in infinite interval.

The real estate market has been pumped up with cheap and easy credit (relatively speaking) in order to fuel a raging mortgage and bond market. Jim Flaherty is always quick to admit, we can sell our debt anywhere! In Canada, when our money masters talk about exports, they mean export of bonds, mortgages, securities and derivatives. They mean paper exports. So we are actually in a quite similar situation to the US and the rest of the world.

The problem is who we are relying on to solve these problems. The people we are looking to are not serving our best interests. If we take a look from a psychological perspective, we see that naturally, psychopaths seek out positions of power and authority. Because they have no empathy for others, they are able to make large scale decisions to the detriment of most for the benefit of few. They are able to lie with a straight face, and actually be the most incredibly charming, endearing, cheerful, warm and radiant personality you would ever meet. They are masters of deception, who manipulate and control others for their own gain. Today, our politicians main job is to gain the confidence of voters. They are confidence men, or con-men.

These are our decision makers and problem solvers. The people we put in power of our well being. And we simply trust without an ounce of scrutiny that they are doing the best job. We need to start keeping tabs on what is going on, so that we can protect ourselves from a government in service to the elite.
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