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An alternative market for Canadian investors

by on 21 Feb 2017

It’s not surprising that many Canadians are reluctant to invest in the country’s real estate market. Tightening mortgage regulations, constantly changing rules and rapidly increasing house prices are all creating an uncertainty that is forcing Canadian investors to look for alternative options. Luckily for Canadians, we’re right next door to the world’s largest economy, which is home to some seriously attractive real estate markets.

David Meyers, Director of Sales and Marketing, for Lennar’s SW Florida Division, believes that Southwest Florida is a particularly attractive investment location. “The Southwest Florida real estate market is great and what better place to invest than in the sunshine; a tropical paradise,” Meyers says. “The region will always be a destination for vacationers and retirees because of the white sandy beaches, amazing golf courses and mild climate. It’s something that cannot be replicated.”

Meyers thinks that now is an ideal time for Canadian investors to get into the market. “The Southwest Florida real estate market continues to be stable and a good long term investment,” he says. “Opportunities are endless, from the ability to use the home for personal use and vacation, to using the property as a rental investment opportunity to offset the cost.”

Meyers advises Canadian investors to work directly with a new home consultant, who will guide them through the process of finding the ideal community and home, along with helping with any mortgage, title or rental needs. “I’d encourage investors to purchase properties that they can personally use but also rent when they are not using it, it’s the best of both worlds,” he says. “It’s all about lifestyle. In Southwest Florida investors can find the perfect lifestyle that will fit their needs and vacationers’ needs. Do not wait, now is the time.”

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