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A win-win for landlords and renters

by CRE on 15 Oct 2018

The following content is sponsored by RBC Ventures/Get Digs™. It was written by CREW’s editorial team.

As CREW has discovered this week, a new online payments platform looks set to revolutionize the rental market in Canada for both landlords and their tenants.

Get Digs is a digital service designed to improve the way renters and landlords pay and receive rent payments. Renters can pay their rent by the method of their choosing: credit card, VISA Debit, Debit Mastercard, Interac e-Transfer, or cheque, and can set up alerts to make sure they never make a late payment. Landlords get the assurance that they will receive their rental income on time every month from Get Digs, even if their tenant is late with their payment for whatever reason*.

Get Digs™ is a part of RBC Ventures, a subsidiary of RBC, which is focused on going beyond banking to create meaningful solutions that touch every Canadian.

“Get Digs is offering Canadians a service that makes their lives better, and this is what RBC Ventures is set up to do,” says Rachael Carswell, Co-Founder and Product lead at Get Digs. “As part of RBC Ventures, we work closely with our trusted partners at RBC to leverage the bank’s payments expertise and financial management knowledge.”

It’s clearly a win-win for both landlords and renters, and with the backing of RBC Ventures, Get Digs has the tools necessary to ensure it has a long-term impact in the Canadian market.”

*Get Digs will continue to pay the landlord rent up to 4 consecutive months of non-payment by renter, after which time the service shall be terminated.

Download this white paper to find out more about Get Digs and how it’s changing the game for landlords and their tenants

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