IN FOCUS: Getting paid on-time: A landlord’s guide to rental income

How landlords can ensure they get paid on time

Oct 12, 2018

The following content is sponsored by RBC Ventures/Get Digs™. It was written by CREW’s editorial team.

After conducting in-depth research and speaking to landlords across Ontario, the team at Get Digs decided it was time to take action and streamline the rental payment process. The antiquated system of post-dated cheques is not working for everyone and a change is more than overdue.

The solution was Get Digs: an online platform for renters and landlords to pay and receive rent payments.

“For landlords, Get Digs has a feature called RentSteady, which ensures they get paid on time even if the tenant is late paying their rent*,” says Rachael Carswell, Co-Founder at Get Digs™. “It helps remove the negative impact on cash flow associated with late rental payments and gives the landlord a security and peace of mind that has been missing for so long.”

The landlord receives an e-mail notifying them that the tenant is late paying the month’s rent, and the RentSteady service means the landlord still gets paid. Get Digs handles all of the follow up associated with late payments and continues to send weekly notifications to update the landlord of the renter’s payment status.

“We continue to follow up with the renter to attempt to recover the rent owed and get them back on track with their payments” says Carswell. “If the renter defaults, the landlord will continue to be paid on the first of the month – for up to four months of consecutive non-payment.”

“There are other products in the market that attempt to protect landlords in the event of non-payment of rent by their tenant, but our belief is that they simply aren’t effective enough. They add more tasks and processes on top of what the landlord is already going through and they do not solve the main issue of being out of pocket for the rent owed.”

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Get Digs is a convenient way for renters and landlords to pay and receive rent payments. With personalized dashboards, landlords can easily manage the rental process, while renters can pay rent without ever touching a cheque. Regardless of how you choose to use Get Digs, enjoy a new era of stress-free renting.

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