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IN FOCUS: Low Risk Opportunity With High ROI

  • Discover the Canadian investment that’s driving up returns

    CREW spent the preceding week deconstructing Canadian Mortgages Inc., the progressively expansive shooting star out of Ontario and we have learned a few things about what it takes to drive real results in today's marketplace

  • Healthy relationships create healthy returns

    An organization that provides transparency and the personal touch is enabling investors to maximize their returns

  • Policies and processes: A case for consistency

    Throughout the week, we have been shining a spotlight on Ontario-based Canadian Mortgages Inc. to understand their ever-widening market traction both locally and across the country

  • Consumer packaged goods

    Being consumer-oriented is the watchword for many brokerages today. At CMI, they seem to take the phrase to another level through an extensive, almost exhaustive drive to diversify service offerings. To the 2000 available products level

  • CMI is a different kind of company

    Currently seeing rapid expansion, the Ontario-based company is not only one of the fastest growing brokerages in Canada, it's one of the fastest growing period

We’re not a bank. We don’t work for a bank. We work for you, our client.

We’re one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in Canada — and our approach to mortgage financing is as fresh as it gets. We believe in putting the power in your hands, where it belongs.

We’re tapped in to a nationwide network of more than 250 top lenders. We make them compete for the privilege of your business – not the other way around. We cut through the red tape, filter through the fine print, and get straight to the bottom line. Then we bring you the best offers on the market, answer every question you have, and let you decide on the loan offer that makes the most sense to you.

From the first phone call to the final signature, we’ll fight to get you the lowest interest rates, the quickest approval, and the most cash possible. You’ll see proof of the CMI difference in your bank account every month.