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by CRE on 17 May 2016
Being consumer-oriented is the watchword for many brokerages today. At CMI, they seem to take the phrase to another level through an extensive, almost exhaustive drive to diversify service offerings. To the 2000 available products level.

In the last 5, 6 years they have certainly taken off, especially with a focus on private mortgages. By expanding into the private mortgage investment arena, which essentially has them both lending their own capital as well as representing external investors.

"In most of the cases where investor capital is involved we're basically providing loan services," says CMI Veep Bryan Jaskolka.

Zooming out on the organisation would reveals that CMI is basically a group of smaller, more specialized micro-companies. They have their flagpole umbrella brand, CMI, their consumer mortgages shop. They have a  lending-oriented underwriting division, Canadian Lending Inc. Add to that a servicing company, Canadian Servicing Inc. And, if that's not enough, the team has recently created a mortgage investment corporation, CMI Mortgage Investment Corporation.

"Today we're really actively involved specifically in both managing our now sizeable portfolio of mortgages on behalf of our investors. As well as raising more capital. It's a growing industry, as everyone knows, and certainly everyone is feeling that growth."

CMI meets the demand by casting as wide a net as possible through diversified product offering. While their primary focus is on the consumer residential space, across several provinces of course, they have also tapped some commercial opportunities as well. They cover low, medium as well as high rate product offerings.

"What this translates to for us, is we're able to cater our products and service to each investor individually rather than a more broad, flat yield investor program. Some investors are very bearish, they're looking for a conservative yield, while others are more bullish, looking for a higher yield. Some are after smaller loans, others larger and we're able to cater to that."

On the consumer mortgage side as well, their diverse product offerings split every conceivable hair one could imagine and it is this kind of micro-segmentation model that has allowed them to tap into an elaborate nexus of touch points.

If diversification is an avenue to rapid growth in today's market, then it's definitely paying market share dividends for CMI.

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