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Outside of the box investment opportunities

How to make a franchise investment a success
Posted on 28 Feb 2018

As well as providing investors with numerous financial and tax benefits, franchise investments also provide a key advantage that everyone yearns for

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Key considerations for a franchise investment
Posted on 27 Feb 2018

Franchising has been one of the biggest wealth generators in North America, and it continues to create new millionaires each year

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Outside of the box investment opportunities
Posted on 26 Feb 2018

With rising interest rates and sky high prices making attractive real estate investments difficult to find, some investors are starting to think outside of the box

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Real Estate Mentoring

Inside a leading real estate mentorship program
Posted on 9 Nov 2018

Nam Ratna and his fellow co-founders launched Go Get It Real Estate to help empower real estate investors

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Knowing how to effectively analyze an investment opportunity
Posted on 8 Nov 2018

Whether an investor is pursuing buy, fix and flip deals or they’re looking to become long-term landlords, there is a set of processes to learn and follow

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What should investors look for in a mentorship program?
Posted on 7 Nov 2018

Although awareness is growing around the need for training and guidance there is one area that many investors often overlook: developing the right mindset for investing

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Property Management

Compound your returns – not your mistakes
Posted on 16 Oct 2015

Compounding returns is what makes income properties an effective wealth-generating option for investors. Unfortunately, the effects of mistakes made when buying and holding can compound, dragging-down performance.

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How to invest near good tenants
Posted on 15 Oct 2015

When deciding where to buy income properties there must be careful thought given not just to the tenants presently in the market area, but also the tenants that can be expected in the years to come

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Property managers: Social worker for tenants?
Posted on 14 Oct 2015

Sometimes being in the property game brings more challenges than just broken fixtures and fittings. Sometimes the real challenge can be getting involved and dealing with people's personal lives.

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