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The property management company with a difference

May 14, 2018

Property management services are vital to the successful running of any real estate portfolio. Finding the time to do everything is simply not a reality for most investors. Most landlords have busy lives and, in many cases, other jobs to think about.

Jason Duncan started his own property management company, ‎RentalMiles, after growing frustrated with the options in the marketplace. Like so many business owners, Duncan saw a process that needed fixing and decided to take the responsibility to do it himself.   

“Investment properties typically play an important part in an individual’s retirement, so there is a lot on the line,” says Duncan. “We have hired experienced agents who know all of the ins and out of renting properties and the potential risks. We handle all tenant placements on behalf of the property owner and manage all of the listing services throughout various marketing websites. We have that experience of screening people to make sure the investor has quality tenants in their property.”

RentalMiles also supervises all maintenance of the property, arranges property inspections and offers thorough documentation to support you should you require legal services. The company has also introduced a rewards system to incentivize tenants to maintain properties to the best possible standard. “The rewards ensure that tenants are really taking care of the asset,” Duncan says. “Tenants are also rewarded for Re-Leasing the property before their lease ends, which means the occupancy level is maintained and no rental income lost.”

RentalMiles is unique in the marketplace in that, ultimately, it is a technology company that has built proprietary software to deliver its offering. Every tenant and landlord can download an application to their phone, through which all communications can be handled. The app is used to manage and monitor any maintenance or repairs and includes a concierge service, which authenticates the legitimacy of any service request and determines whether it is an expense placed on the landlord or the tenant.

“The concierge service then facilitates the call to the maintenance contractors,” Duncan says. “The service level of that work is controlled through the application as it allows the maintenance worker to upload before and after photos of the work to ensure it is complete. It keeps the landlord updated and removes the anxiety of having maintenance work done when a tenant is in the property.”

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RentalMiles is a property and loyalty rewards management business. Our ecosystem is designed as a 100% digital platform managed through Apps & Websites and supported by a Global Concierge. Global Concierge puts a Concierge at the front door of every tenant and provides services to them that Independent Landlords (ILLS) rarely can. The Concierge also has the effect of removing many processes and tasks that distract professional Agents and take their time away from landlords and tenants e.g. maintenance tasks are outsourced and are not performed by RentalMiles.

At RentalMiles we believe in the rights of landlords & tenants and seek to reward both parties significantly for good behaviours. Our clients’ status increases the longer they stay with us, as do their earning rates for loyalty rewards. We use data intelligently so that tenants are encouraged to stay within the RentalMiles family and don't start from scratch each time they rent. The behaviours we reward also benefit the landlord, so we’ve tried to create a new industry culture within residential property management, one where all parties benefit.

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