IN FOCUS: Property Management

  • Compound your returns – not your mistakes

    Compounding returns is what makes income properties an effective wealth-generating option for investors. Unfortunately, the effects of mistakes made when buying and holding can compound, dragging-down performance.

  • How to invest near good tenants

    When deciding where to buy income properties there must be careful thought given not just to the tenants presently in the market area, but also the tenants that can be expected in the years to come

  • Property managers: Social worker for tenants?

    Sometimes being in the property game brings more challenges than just broken fixtures and fittings. Sometimes the real challenge can be getting involved and dealing with people's personal lives.

  • Charging too much rent is costly

    It’s too easy to give into the temptation to focus on big revenue in the short-term, but property ownership is increasingly a long-term game.

  • How not to spend Thanksgiving… with your tenants

    Are you spending Thanksgiving with your family or with your unruly tenants? There is a solution.

LandLord Property & Rental Management, Inc. has specialized in the acquisition and management of residential properties in and around Toronto since 1996. It serves the owners of multiplexes, condo suites and single family homes - be they seasoned income property investors or those needing their home tenanted while relocated abroad. We are driven to provide to small-scale landlords exceptional levels of service by incorporating the most advanced technologies, proven practices, and experienced staff that typically only the largest management firms can offer. The end result is a landlord’s property is kept rented, collected, and quiet!