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  • A partner in U.S. property investments by David Kitai

    How one Canadian bank’s 16-year history of helping Canadians buy property south of the border can help investors take today’s best opportunities

  • Get the most from BRRR by Dalia Barsoum

    Streetwise Mortgages' Dalia Barsoum outlines four financing traps investors should avoid when looking to leverage one of the most reliable strategies in real estate: buy-renovate-refinance-rent

  • Sign me up by Chad Griffiths

    Chad Griffiths explains how billboards can provide investors an additional stream of income that's as reliable as it is passive

  • Student housing 101 by Evan Goode

    Rather than the crash course most investors receive, Vantage West's Evan Goode is here to ensure you get an A+ when venturing into this challenging corner of real estate

  • Go green, get green by Jennifer Lynn Walker

    Investors have plenty of options for appealing to the new generation of environmentally conscious renters. Jennifer Lynn Walker shares nine ideas that can green up your property – and your wallet

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