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  • Flip it right by Paul Roussel

    Contrary to what HGTV would have you believe, flipping a house is rarely glamorous or fun – at least not until the cheque clears. Paul Roussel provides a primer for flippers-to-be

  • Taking a community virtual, to expand its growth by David Kitai

    REITE Club founders have pivoted their events and community building efforts, now they’re finding new voices and members to grow with them

  • Get out, get paid by Kirill Perelyguine

    You should never purchase a commercial property without first establishing an appropriate exit strategy. Kirill Perelyguine outlines four end-use scenarios for investors considering the commercial route in 2020

  • Buyer beware – of your Realtor by Michael Walsh

    There are serious legal considerations to make when choosing a real estate agent, particularly when dual agency is involved. Michael Walsh explains how potentially hidden conflicts of interest could cost you a small fortune

  • Thinking about deferring your mortgage? by David Kitai

    Dalia Barsoum President and Principal Broker of Streetwise Mortgages explains the factors investors need to consider before requesting a mortgage payment deferral

  • How to weather the liquidity storm by David Kitai

    Leading mortgage broker explains the novel strategies she use to cover liquidity shortfalls arising from COVID-19 pandemic

  • Getting the Most from BRRR by Dalia Barsoum

    Streetwise Mortgages' Dalia Barsoum offers financing help for investors looking to leverage one of the most reliable strategies in real estate

  • The Financing Roadmap by Dalia Barsoum

    We all want to cruise in the real estate fast lane, but not knowing where you're going is a sure way to hit the financing wall. Dalia Barsoum points out the right direction

  • Don't Take It For Granted by Dalia Barsoum

    According to Streetwise Mortgage's Dalia Barsoum, investors who calculate a property's cash flow before financing is secured are often forced to make other plans. She shares her strategies for ensuring that those projected returns wind up in your pocket

  • Give yourself some credit by Julie Kuzmic

    It's one thing to save up a down payment; it's another to show a lender that you're worth the risk. Julie Kuzmic provides a few tips for prospective investors looking to establish good credit

  • Triple play by Kirill Perelyguine

    It often doesn't take much to put together a solid commercial portfolio. Kirill Perelyguine explains how triple net properties have put more than a few commercial investors on easy street

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