Point2 Homes says more people searching for homes

by Steve Randall on 21 Aug 2018

One of Canada’s leading property search websites has seen a strong growth in visits in the year to July 2018.

Points2 Homes says that it reached a record 6 million visits in the month, a 47% rise in a year, based on Google Analytics data. It also says that it generated 39% more leads for real estate agents.

Canadian-based visits accounted for 40% of the total led by Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and Saskatoon. US traffic was close behind.

Toronto leads by a wide margin, accounting for 430,783 visits in July, showing a strong 52.3% jump from a year earlier. The second biggest growth was recorded by Vancouver, with a 49.5% increase.

Three Latin American countries are driving more potential homebuyers to the platform: Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. Mexico leads with a 72% growth in traffic, but Costa Rica saw an impressive 209% increase, showing the market's great potential for growth.

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