Some Ontario homeowners to get new property assessments soon

by Steve Randall on 12 Nov 2019

Some property owners in Ontario will receive a new Property Assessment Notice soon, to reflect certain changes to their properties.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) says it has begun mailing notices this week but notes that this is not a province-wide Assessment year.

"We know it's important to Ontario property owners that we assess and classify their property correctly," said Nicole McNeill, President & Chief Administrative Officer. "Property Assessment Notices mailed in 2019 reflect changes to assessment information and ensure that these changes are accurately reflected on municipal assessment rolls."

The owners who will receive updated notices include those where there has been:

  • change to property ownership, legal description, or school support;
  • change to the property's value resulting from a Request for Reconsideration, an Assessment Review Board decision, or ongoing property reviews;
  • property value increase/decrease reflecting a change to the property; for example, a new structure, addition, or removal of an old structure; or
  • change in the classification or tax liability of the property.

"We encourage property owners to visit to learn more about how their property was assessed, see the information we have on file and compare it to others in their neighbourhood," said Carmelo Lipsi, Vice President of Valuation & Customer Relations and Chief Operating Officer.

MPAC says that any owner who is concerned about their assessment can file a Request for Reconsideration (RfR) but this must be done by March 31, 2020 for the 2020 property tax year.

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