Top celebrity real estate deals include Madonna, Obama homes

by Steve Randall on 27 Aug 2018

Several homes currently or previously owned by some of the world’s most famous people are listed for sale.

Madonna is now living in Lisbon, Portugal, but her former Beverley Hills mansion on Sunset Boulevard which she listed in 2013 for $19.5 million, is now back on the market.

The 9-bedroom, 15-bathroom home which is reached via a 500-foot driveway, has been completely remodeled and is listed at a cool $35 million.

It is one of the homes named at one of the top 10 celebrity real estate deals by

Also included is the home where the Obamas spent three summers after moving into the White House in 2009. Blue Heron Farm at Chilmark Pond, Martha’s Vineyard, includes a 6,967-square-foot main house on 9.5 acres, six bedrooms, a two-bedroom guest house, boat dock, and three extra lots between the beach and the house. It sold recently for $15 million.

Jordan’s Chicago home still won’t sell
Meanwhile, Michael Jordan’s Chicago mansion is still unsold despite a huge price cut.

The 56,000 square foot square-foot home was listed in 2012 for $29 million but failed to sell even after price reductions and an auction listing. It’s not on the market for $14.855 million.

Former homes of The Doors lead guitarist Robby Krieger and The Brady Bunch House in Los Angles are also included in the current top 10.

One of the most unusual though is the former home of Jackie Gleason which was designed to resemble a UFO with everything round, no right-angles. The home, in the New York suburb of Westchester County, has a $12 million price tag.

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