• Industrial building the next frontier in this hot market by Jordan Maxwell

    One Ontario market experiencing strong demand for residential properties and a steady commercial sector is turning to the industrial real estate market, which is garnering plenty of attention from investors.

  • Landlord to be jailed for forging rent increases by Jordan Maxwell

    A landlord in one Prairie province has been sentenced for fraud, forgery and perjury after admitting he altered and forged work invoices to justify a 38 per cent rent increase for tenants.

  • Controversial eviction law to be reviewed by Jordan Maxwell

    The Liberal government is set to review a controversial eviction law after a property management company charged a tenant two month’s rent following an eviction in 2012.

  • More foreign investors on the way by Jordan Maxwell

    It looks like Canadian investors will have to continue to compete with foreign investors, as China passes a new program that allows Chinese buyers to export more capital from the Asian country.

  • BoC warning ignites industry reaction by Jordan Maxwell

    Warnings from the BoC governor haven’t put a damper on the real estate industry's enthusiasm for the current and future markets as they suggest talks of an eventual housing crash are overblown.

  • Snowbirds shut out of the market by Jordan Maxwell

    Canadians looking to invest in key U.S. states are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase investment properties as demand from competing buyers prices them out of the market.

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