• Full disclosure key to a speedy mortgage by Olivia D'Orazio

    Forget what mom used to say: over-sharing with your mortgage broker is the best way to keep that loan application on track – and ensure you’re paying as little as possible for financing

  • Airbnb to include small tourism tax on rentals by CRE

    Investors decrying the rise of home-sharing services will likely applaud an Airbnb decision in this hot tourist spot that could dissuade homeowners from opening their doors in the first place

  • Realtors hide key tool from property investors by John Tenpenny

    Purchasing a rental property in Alberta just got trickier as the local real estate council suggests agents leave out one detail that could help buyers find their next investment

  • REITs over buying property? by

    Veteran landlords might scoff at the idea, but real estate experts are point to certain REITs as a safer bet than traditional real estate investments

  • Landlords seek ban on Airbnb by CRE

    An ongoing saga continues to make headlines as a group of landlords in Quebec ask the government to curb the growth of short-term rental services such as Airbnb

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