• Hot market enduring impact of oil crash by Jordan Maxwell

    The oil crash in Canada’s Energy province has dampened the outlook for many real estate markets but one is facing a surprisingly bright future.

  • What are the average rents across Canada? by Jennifer Paterson

    Average house prices continue to climb in Canada’s hot markets, but what has been the impact on landlords and the average rental levels in the country’s biggest cities?

  • Second-hand smoke plaguing landlords by Jordan Maxwell

    Grandfather clauses that allow tenants to smoke are creating issues for landlords unable to hang onto other tenants literally put out by the smell.

  • Housing starts ring alarm bells for investors by Jordan Maxwell

    Population growth, supply and demand are the typical signposts that motivate investors – but with Canadian housing starts outpacing demographics, some fear that oversupply could drive prices down.

  • Showy sales tool attracts buyers by Jordan Maxwell

    If you’re of the mind that gimmicks don’t sell real estate, arguably the most useless gimmick of all is now driving hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

  • Credit scores pivotal with rate cut by Jordan Maxwell

    Further drops to mortgage rates are opening the door for new investors, but they’re also highlighting the pivotal role of good credit ratings

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