• Stadiums a boon for investors by John Tenpenny

    New infrastructure slated for Edmonton and Calgary will increase neighbouring property values and offer investors a chance to profit

  • 15 ways to ‘give thanks’ for your tenants by CRE

    Maintaining happy tenants can help transform them into long-term residents. After all, a happy tenant is a good tenant, and that’s reason enough to give thanks this season

  • Crunch the numbers before you buy by John Tenpenny

    Investors need to be aware of not just the selling market, but also the rental market before they purchase a property

  • B.C. looks to close tax loophole by John Tenpenny

    Media has reported on numerous cases of foreign buyers obscuring their identities in order to evade property transfer taxes

  • To rent or own in the U.S.? by John Tenpenny

    Falling loonie and rising U.S. home prices not necessarily bad news for Canadian property investors

  • Report pinpoints key rental trend by Jennifer Paterson

    New research is turning the biggest stereotype about renters on its ear by identifying a trend that’s set to grow the bottom line for landlords

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