• Rising rates push investors to buy by CREW online

    Investors across the country are scrambling to redeem existing preapprovals as banks raise interest rates to levels not seen since early 2012.

  • Brave condo investors reap rewards by Vernon Clement Jones

    Uncertainty around the future of Canada's biggest condo market aside, investors in those boxy highrise units are increasingly in the catbird seat according to new data highlighting a 20 per cent rise in the number of rentals and a 4 per cent rise in the average rent itself.

  • How short tenancies benefit landlords by Mark David

    A recent report from the ComFree network suggests tenants in many Canadian markets are getting the “five-year itch” -- readying to move much sooner than the once-standard seven years.

  • RBC: Yes, slower market still ahead by Vernon Clement Jones

    Make no mistake about it. Canada's real estate market is set to take a powder this year and next, according to a new economic forecast -- July's impressive spike in activity notwithstanding.

  • Realtors, is it time to thank CMHC? by CREW online

    CMHC may have inadvertently given real estate agents a helping hand, with its latest move to slow mortgage growth sending fence-sitting buyers into the market.

  • July sales and prices soar by Vernon Clement Jones

    July home sales are backing up industry boasters, with new CREA numbers confirming a 9.4 per cent rise from the same month last year.

  • Benjamin Tal: Don't bet on price appreciation by Vernon Clement Jones

    Investors crossing their fingers and hoping for price appreciation may increasingly strike out, according to CIBC’s leading economist, suggesting the housing market no longer supports flipping.

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