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    Vancouver hit by dramatic drop in house values… BoC predicts lower house prices due to oil declines… Commercial property offers variety… Revenue Agency aims to improve communications…

  • Daily Market Update by

    In its monetary policy report released yesterday the Bank of Canada admitted that some of our markets are far from a soft landing. The report noted that the market has rebounded following the very cold winter and benefitted from low interest and mortgage rates and that housing activity has been “more robust than anticipated”.

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    CMHC admits data vacuum on foreign investors… Vancouver property tax is outdated and unfair say critics… Calgary’s population keeps on growing… US housing market continues to grow…

  • Put away your tar and feathers, investors! by Jennifer Paterson

    While CMHC and others move towards quantifying data around foreign investment in Canada’s housing market, it is important those efforts not be seen as open season on international buyers, caution analysts.

  • Follow the money ... for U.S. hotspots by Vernon Clement Jones

    Chinese investors are increasingly in the know come time to select the next best real estate market, with a new report on their preferred U.S. locations offering Canadian investors a roadmap.

  • Investors should allow for land transfer tax by

    Investors in acquisition mode should allow for the municipal land transfer tax as two of Toronto’s three mayoral candidates have made it clear that its reduction or elimination will not be an option after the election.

  • Retail floor a cheat sheet for tenant profiles by Olivia D'Orazio

    It’s a foolproof cheat sheet for landlords investing in condo buildings: look no further than the retail spaces underpinning those highrises for clues revealing the type of tenant that you’ll likely attract.

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