• Condo buyers feel the pinch by Jamie Henry

    Tightened lending guidelines are particularly affecting one type of homebuyer in major cities, according to a leading mortgage broker.

  • Will foreign investors leave Vancouver by Jamie Henry

    The federal government may just has answered the prayers of many B.C. residents and their real estate professionals with its move to put the kibosh on a controversial program tying immigration to investment.

  • New market for 'flippers' and 'holders' emerges by Mark David

    It's a market so far off the radar screens of most Canadian investors, it's not even funny, but new numbers suggest this western city is increasingly a gold mine for both buy-and-hold players as well as those intent upon flipping.

  • Construction lull props up condo investments by Vernon Clement Jones

    Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this crane! CMHC is suggesting the Canadian construction boom may be over for now -- a lull in activity set to protect increasingly anxious condo investors.

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