• 5 issues you'll miss without a home inspection by Dan Steward

    In hot housing markets, buyers sometimes offer to waive the inspection to help their offer stand out from the crowd, writes Dan Steward, an industry veteran. But most real estate professionals agree this is a bad idea. Here's 5 reasons why.

  • Time to thank your mortgage broker? by CREW online

    They may have saved your last deal when you thought all was lost. Or perhaps they helped you open the fifth door when your own lender decided the four-door policy would now apply to you. Whatever their saving grace, mortgage brokers are increasingly indispensible for Canadian property investors as they grapple with cautious lenders, and know there's a way to thank them.

  • Irish properties are smiling for Canadian buyers by Grainne Burns

    Canadian investors are now trolling and winning bargains in the Irish market, despite the country finally showing positive signs of recovery in the wake of its devastating property crash.

  • Air Canada's gift to property investors by Vernon Clement Jones

    If you own real estate in this Alberta town, Air Canada has just air-lifted your bottom line with the announcement of daily service to Calgary.

  • 'Lucky' numbers for property investors by Grainne Burns

    Door numbers impacting home sales? Could be. Having the number 4, 13 and 8 on front doors could affect the value of a property by up to $35,000, according to real estate agents in the GTA.

  • Time to invest outside Canada? by Vernon Clement Jones

    “Toppy.” That’s how the head of one of the country’s biggest pension funds is describing the Canadian real estate market, suggesting it remains near its pricing peak with little place to go but down.

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