• CMHC reveal hottest Ontario market by Vernon Clement Jones

    The best-kept secret of Ontario property investors is increasingly hard to hide, with new CMHC numbers highlighting its appeal.

  • The 5 best places to invest in Canada by CREW

    As the Canadian housing market continues to defy the critics with its resilient performance, many investors are seeking to capitalize on current domestic opportunities.

  • Are full-time Realtors really better than part-timers? by Grainne Burns

    Part-time real estate agents generally get a hard time from their industry peers who accuse them of lacking the experience and the skill clients need. But is that fair and is there really a distinctio between part- and full-time professionals?

  • Homeowners warned about electrical damage by Grainne Burns

    Home and investment property owners have been warned to check electrical equipment and wiring that may have been exposed following the torrential flooding that swept through Toronto.

  • End of rent-to-own? by Grainne Burns

    A number of mortgage brokers are among those applying more scrutiny to rent-to-own deals following yet another investment horror story.

  • Economist: Interest rate hike unjustified by Grainne Burns

    A leading housing analyst has said that the expected interest rate hike is not justified and he expects “some retreat during the coming months.”

  • High-end market takes a positive turn by Grainne Burns

    Vancouver's high-end market is still enduring a turbulent time but there are some positive signs for the remainder of the year, according to a new report.

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