• CMHC: Sky not falling on condo market ... yet by Vernon Clement Jones

    Phew! The sky above Toronto’s condo market isn’t falling in the short term, said an analyst with CMHC Wednesday, but it may be considerably harder to call Chicken Little a liar two years from now.

  • Chinese sellers outnumber Chinese buyers in Vancouver by Vernon Clement Jones

    The goose that laid the golden egg for Vancouver’s real estate market may now have flown the coop, with growing indication Chinese nationals have reached the end of their collective buying spree.

  • Top 3 reasons to buy NOW by Paul Kondakos,

    One of the most common catch phrases, veteran investor Paul Kondakos hears from Canadians reluctance to invest in real estate is "It’s not a good time." Ah, but it is, he writes in this Top 3 list of reasons to commit.

  • And the REIN-ing investment capital of Canada is... by Vernon Clement Jones

    Calgary and Edmonton have again been crowned the best property investment markets in Canada – this latest coronation courtesy of one of the country’s leading real estate networks.

  • Take your seats for a really big slooow by Vernon Clement Jones

    Both single- and multiple-family housing starts fell in October, according to new CMHC numbers Thursday, providing more evidence that Canada's once-frenetic market is coming down from its high.

  • CREW posts big gains in 3rd Quarter by CREW

    Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine enjoyed its best third quarter ever, with all three issues making real strides in newsstand sales.

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