• The real cost of smoking tenants by CREW online

    Here may be more proof that smoking tenants compromise resale value, with a survey suggesting half of buyers are inclined to give those properties a miss.

  • Condo sales lift T.O. prices, uh? by Christopher Myrick

    Sales volumes for homes in Toronto slipped 2 per cent in April from a year earlier while year-on-year prices were up by the same percentage, driven by unexpected strength in, of all things, condos.

  • Five more tricks to finding a bargain by Gord Lemon

    Here are the last five of ten ways investor Gord Lemon urges you to beat the bushes for a deal. Ahem, a deal at a discount, no less. Note: They're in no order of preference or effectiveness, although all require initiative and, perhaps, a little luck.

  • U.S. property prices rise as homeownership declines by Christopher Myrick

    Data issued by the U.S. Census Bureau Tuesday show that homeownership has hit its lowest level since 1995, while a separate release reveals the strongest across-the-board price gain since 2006 -- the suggestion being the U.S. is drifting away from an “ownership society” and toward a “country of renters.”

  • No rate hike until 2015, says Budget Officer by Christopher Myrick

    Cheap money and low interest rates are likely to remain for another couple of years, Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer said in an economic forecast Monday, offering more bearish sentiment than the Bank of Canada.

  • Three myths about insurance and renos by CREW online

    Insurance myths abound, according to a new consumer survey, and that ignorance can have pretty dire consequences for investors and other property buyers who are in the midst of renovating or have already paid the price, so to speak.

  • Small-town Canada trounces urban price growth by Christopher Myrick

    While talk of overheated markets focuses on major cities, data issued by StatsCan show the strongest price growth between 2006-2011 was outside the country's census metropolitan areas (CMAs).

  • Kijiji moves to charge some landlords by Vernon Clement Jones

    The free listing service so many landlords rely on is no longer quite so free, with Kijiji moving this week to charge serial – more specifically, concurrent – posters for apartment rental ads.

  • Poll: Investors still favour MLS by Vernon Clement Jones

    A spike in listing sites and investment clubs has done little to move investors off the Multiple Listing Service, according to a new CREW poll.

  • Slowing HELOCs = fewer buying investors by Vernon Clement Jones

    There’s increasing evidence small property investors are shifting down from the fast-paced shopping spree of 2012, with HELOC growth coming to a virtual standstill in March, according to a new report from Equifax.

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