• New CMHC boss to benefit investors by Vernon Clement Jones

    Getting CMHC to approve deals may soon be tougher for many homebuyers with the introduction of a new bill handing oversight of government-backed mortgage insurance to an increasingly strict regulator.

  • Investors and city hall in showdown over taxes by Vernon Clement Jones

    Too many investors believe you can’t fight city hall -- needlessly leaving thousands of dollars on the table instead of protesting inflated property tax assessments, says one leading advisor.

  • Carney prepared to raise rates ... and landlord hopes by Vernon Clement Jones

    As investors await more details on the government's plan to tighten up the good ship CMHC, there’s increasing indication the Bank of Canada could move to sink consumer dreams of another year of rock-bottom mortgage rates.

  • New-build app keeps buyers in the know by Caitlin Nobes

    Knowledge is power, so being the first to know about new builds is to an investor’s advantage, and a new app aims to fill that need.

  • U.S. home prices hit lowest point since 2002 by Kit Kadlec

    While Canadian investors have started to heat up some American markets such as Phoenix, overall U.S. home prices have continued their slide, numbers out Monday show.

  • REIT returns magnetize property investors by Caitlin Nobes

    Canadian investors opting for REITs over row houses and other real estate are on the winning end of a boom market as those “paper shares” reach a five-year high.

  • Easing inflation bursts BoC's bubble by Editorial Team

    After a well-worded warning that the Bank of Canada may be forced to raise interest rates earlier than expected, Mark Carney may have to wait, as Canada’s annual inflation rate for March dropped below the bank’s target.

  • T.O. buyers keep Trump waiting by Caitlin Nobes

    “The Donald” has now declared Trump Toronto officially open, but have sales for condo units priced at $1,800 to $2,000 per sq.-ft. met his expectations?

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