• Trump advisor to Canuck investors: 'Increase the budget' by Editorial Team

    When George Ross offers some advice, property investors – especially his boss, Donald Trump – listen. But that's true on both sides of the border, with hundreds of Canadian investors expected to reflect on his every word at a fundraiser in Hamilton, Ont., Tuesday.

  • Jobs numbers to slow BoC rate hike by Vernon Clement Jones

    If there’s going to be a silver lining in slower-than-expected job growth, says one Toronto mortgage analyst, it’ll be slower-than-expected rate hikes at the Bank of Canada.

  • Law firm: Hold your e-horses, Realtors by Caitlin Nobes

    While Ontario Realtors push for allowing e-signatures on property sales, a national law firm is warning there are significant reliability issues to solve first.

  • Investors welcome falling housing starts by Vernon Clement Jones

    It was with a tap and not a thud, but May housing starts did, indeed, fall from the previous month’s record high, according to the latest national numbers.

  • Miami heats condo market for Canucks by Kit Kadlec

    Predicting the bottom of a real estate cycle can be tricky, but Canadian investors who bought into the Miami condominium market last year may have done just that. And the rewards have been huge.

  • U.S. analyst: Canuck REITs kicking U.S. butt by Vernon Clement Jones

    Here’s yet another reason why Canadian investors may be jollier than their American counterparts: Their real estate investment trusts are kicking U.S. butt, say analysts.

  • OSFI relieves investors of re-qualifying threat by Vernon Clement Jones

    It’s good news for homeowners, and, indeed, investors, with the federal banking regulator now clarifying its position on re-qualifying borrowers at renewal -- effectively maintaining the status quo.

  • T.O. mayor to Realtors: To the trenches! by Caitlin Nobes

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford reiterated his commitment this week to reducing or removing the city’s land transfer tax, asking Realtors to step up their lobby efforts in anticipation of council opposition.

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