• Investors await 'Klondike days' for Fort Mac by Vernon Clement Jones

    Any Klondike rush of small investors will have to wait at least until the end of summer for details on new developments planned for housing-starved, oil-bloated Fort McMurray.

  • T.O. tugs national home sales higher by Editorial Team

    Toronto is pulling home prices upwards, while other markets continue to moderate, according to the latest data from Canada’s national real estate association.

  • Oops! Forgetting closing costs for multi-family? by Christopher Seepe

    Investors who forget to factor in closing costs for buying a multi-residential property in Toronto and other key Canadian markets are closing their eyes to potentially tens of thousands of a dollars in expenses.

  • Raise rates now: OECD by Vernon Clement Jones

    Canada’s rock-bottom interest rates have simply got to go, according to an international development organization, suggesting tighter mortgage rules have done little to lessen the threat of a housing correction.

  • Property website speaks the language of investors by Caitlin Nobes

    From Canadians buyers hunting in the U.S. to Chinese investors searching for properties in this country – three quarters of a million people have now turned to a global real estate website since its launch six months ago.

  • Canucks grapple with climbing U.S. home prices by Kit Kadlec

    Canadian investors are finding fewer of the U.S. real estate bargains they scooped up in the past year as foreclosure numbers sink, in the process elevating seller expectation.

  • U.S. foreclosures migrate east by

    The target of Canadian foreclosure-hunters in the U.S. may soon shift east as the landscape of distress properties changes. In terms of volume of U.S. foreclosure properties this spring, the largest inventories seem to now be in the South and on the East Coast, according to market researcher RealtyTrac.

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