• Buyers put off by bad spelling by Grainne Burns

    Sellers who think that using all caps and exclamation points to make their ad stand out in the crowd are deterring a whole pool of buyers.

  • More baby boomers plan to downsize by CREW

    The problem of Ontario’s limited supply of single-family homes could be rectified soon thank to the province's baby boomers.

  • Landlords fear breaking privacy laws by Grainne Burns

    Landlords are reluctant to move to electronic payments as they fear becoming caught up in fraud cases and breaking privacy laws.

  • Boost for Barrie investors by Grainne Burns

    Investors in the Barrie region may see their revenues boosted should the city finally give the green light for new housing changes.

  • Local auction deals come to Canada by Grainne Burns

    Online blind auctions will become a more popular method for buying and selling real estate, according to the people behind a new service geared towards seniors and, in some cases, their heirs.

  • Snowbirds need to sit tight by Grainne Burns

    Canadian snowbirds will sit tight during the fluctuating waves of the Canadian dollar but potential investors may not be as patient, according to a new report.

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