• COVID-19 turns cottages into hot commodities by Neil Sharma

    Following trends seen in New York and London, people are leaving the Greater Toronto Area for spacious pastures, but unlike the former two cities, a pattern unique to the GTA has emerged.

  • Why you should refinance your mortgage now by Neil Sharma

    Historically low interest rates have been the impetus for a homebuying frenzy that’s swept much of Canada, but it’s also presented a unique, if a once in a lifetime, opportunity for real estate investors.

  • How to find good tenants in a pandemic by Neil Sharma

    A consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic for landlords is that they’ve lost leverage over renters, but there are still ways to optimize the search for responsible, respectful occupants who pay rent on time.

  • Toronto landlords offer renters incentives to carry investments by Kandace Gallant

    With the novel Coronavirus putting everything on hold, Toronto investors were left scrambling to find tenants. The city’s rental inventory skyrocketed as students no longer attended classes in person, immigration came to a halt, employees began working from home, and short-term rental operators, like Airbnb, were hampered by travel restrictions.

  • Record number of immigrants Canada-bound in 2021 by Neil Sharma

    The federal government intends to settle 1.2 million new immigrants over the next three years in a bid to catalyze economic recovery, and if there’s one sector of the economy that will benefit, it’s real estate.

  • London’s Hot Real Estate Market by Kandace Gallant

    When prices climb, first-time buyers flock to surrounding areas so get their feet in the door of the real estate market, like London, Ontario. But now, amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, first-time buyers are being priced-out as prices soar past $500,000.

  • Millennial driving new hotspots outside GTA by Neil Sharma

    Forecasting real estate hotspots requires the study of key market fundamentals, and in the Greater Toronto Area one of the main drivers is the millennial generation.

  • Master-planned condos remain savvy investment vehicle by Neil Sharma

    The strength of condominium investments in Toronto has diminished recently—first because of exorbitant carrying costs, and lately because of the novel coronavirus—but not only does selecting the right project buck those trends, it yields above-average returns.

  • Toronto Condo & Rent Prices Still Declining by Kandace Gallant

    Rental prices have been down $200-$400 on average in Toronto compared to this time last year and may continue to decline in 2021 until things open up again

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